Friday, January 30, 2009

papertowels and coffee filters

For all you avid coffee drinkers out there, if you ever find yourself in the situation I was in just the other day, here is a remedy for coffee filters.

I always prepare my coffee the night before so that I can set it on auto and it brews every weekday morning at 6:30. Well, one night after my shower I went to set up my coffee only to discover that I was out of filters.

I was in my pajamas and it was late, so running to the store several blocks away was not an option. My other option was to pick up some coffee before work, but the first thing I do in the mornings is sip my coffee while watching the news. It jump starts my day and helps me wake up so I can get ready and it's part of my routine. During my desperation, I decided my third option was a paper towel. I added an little extra coffee grounds because the paper towel is a little bit thicker than standard filters.

Needless to say, I woke up had my cup of coffee and it tasted the same as every morning. The paper towel worked, but I bought filters that afternoon. The next day I ran out of creamer.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The First Snowfall of the Year

Today was a very special day because it marked the first day of the year that it snowed. I could hear the ice rain last night beating lightly against the window and back door of my bedroom, so I knew to expect sleet and icy roads today.

I woke up this morning anticipating a 2 hour delay, however as I watched the news and drank my coffee I was surprised to find that Lubbock-Cooper ISD was scheduled to start on time. I got ready and then went and scraped the ice off my windshield for a good 15 minutes before driving the 5 minutes to work, which due to the roads, actually took me 10 minutes.

When my students arrived they all came in asking me if I knew that it had snowed and that it was cold, and that the roads were icy...etc. They ask me these things as if I live and sleep in our portable classroom, never venturing to the outside world, therefore strictly depending on them for the latest news. Sometimes I play dumb, and say, "Oh, really?" They nod and smile with delight and I can tell by their expressions that they are mentally giving themselves a pat on the back for being the messenger of news to poor Miss Baggett, who does not leave the classroom.

All of the 6 third grade classes are in portables. Now, I happen to love my portable. It is convenient and peaceful without all the hustle and bustle of the main building, but our district is in the process of building on a new third grade wing that will be up and ready by this fall. I will miss my portable next year with all my heart, except on days where it rains, blows, and snows.

We had to walk on a wet, snowy, and in some parts icy boardwalk to get into the main building for special classes, such as PE, Library, computers, and of course lunch. As I was walking my kids into the building for PE that morning the humorously unthinkable happened. I slipped and fell (well, more like busted) in the entry way to the building. Picture the cartoon, Peanuts when Charlie Brown runs to kick the football and Lucy pulls it away and his feet go in the air and then crashes on his back. That's how I'm sure I looked during my own umm...stumble. A few of my students screamed as I laid on my back, paralyzed by shock, while other students looked down at me, horrified. Two of my boys each grabbed an arm and lifted me to my feet. All of their faces showed concern accompanied with the obvious thought of "Miss Baggett just fell on her butt, and I really want to laugh." They didn't laugh of course until I started chuckling about the incident. Then they erupted into laughter. I now have a bruise on my left butt cheek.

Because Lubbock is in northwest Texas and it does get cold here, it still rarely snows. My students were proof. They literally acted as if they had never seen snow and that it was a miraculous discovery on their part. Since our math lesson today was fairly short and we had about 30 minutes left before school was over for the day, I decided to take my kiddos outside to play in the snow. I did have to make one exception; no snowball fights. This disappointed them briefly, but they quickly moved on to the adventures of snow angels, sliding on the ice, throwing snow in the air, and I heard a few say that they were playing "Ice Age." ????? My thoughts exactly. After playing and running around for awhile I noticed that some of my students were starting to eat the snow. One little girl even said it tasted like Heaven. At that point I decided it was time to go back inside.

Today was a great day and I always look for opportunities to play with my kids. Not "playing" where it's also a learning method for teaching a concpet, but real, genuine playtime. Afterall, I am still a kid at heart.

I Love my Third Graders!

There is nothing better than going to work each day and hanging out with 18 of the most precious third graders. I love teaching 3rd grade because the students are at the age where they know how to read and write (for the most part), they can tie their own shoes, they rarely or not at all have accidents in their pants, yet they are still young enough to do everything to please you, get very attached to you, and overall, are incredibly sweet and loving.

Last week I came down with strep throat. My tonsils were big, red, and covered with puss pockets (gross, I know). I ended up staying home for two days that week taking antibiotics and resting. I hate missing work because I'm a little OCD about teaching. It seems I always come back and have to reteach everything. Luckily, I had a wonderful sub who I believe was previously a teacher. Needless to say, finding a good sub is almost like finding a good hair dresser in my opinion. By Friday I was ready to come back to work. My throat was feeling better, however the antibiotic I was on gave me horrible side effects. I walked into my portable and on the board was written "Welcome Back Miss Baggett" followed by each student's signature. It sure made me feel special, but it even more so because I knew I was special to the children who are incredibly special to me!