Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best Bachelorette Party!

This past weekend we celebrated my lifelong best friend, Meg's bachelorette party in San Antonio! We flew from Lubbock on Friday and arrived to SA in the late afternoon. We took Meg to Victoria's Secret where we each picked out a piece of lingerie that we liked for her. Her future mother in law left us a gift card to use at the front desk!

When we checked into our hotel suite, which had two bedrooms with a living area, dining area, and small kitchen as well as 3 bathrooms, we made Meg try on all of her new lingerie for us! As she tried each one on we came up with names for each garment that were desserts. On her honeymoon Trey(her fiance) will get to read his "menu" and choose which "dessert" he wants for that night! Very sexy!

After the lingerie show we went downtown on the riverwalk and had dinner on a boat that floated down the river! They gave us salad to start with and tortilla chips with the best salsa I have ever tasted, and I'm a connoisseur for salsa! The main course was a medium rare filet, a shrimp enchilada, and corn bread pudding. For dessert; key lime pie! We went back to the hotel and I told ghost stories to all the girls who stayed awake! The next morning we ordered room service, got ready, and Franco, our driver picked us up and took us to Sea World!

At Sea World we fed the dolphins first then went to look at the fish and shark exhibit. After that we went to eat lunch with Shamu! You have to have a reservation for the buffet lunch and the opportunity to meet Shamu and ask the trainers questions! We then went over to the Shamu show which was truly moving! It neat to think that one of God's creatures has the ability to do all those tricks!

We finished up the park by riding a few rollercoaster rides, going to the penguin exhibit and then alligator alley! Then it was time for Franco to pick us up and go check out Meg and Trey's new hosue which is gorgeous and very nice! We then went back to our suite to get ready for our dinner reservations at the Tower of Americas! With 8 girls and only 3 bathrooms we needed a lot of time, but luckily we were out the door right on time.

The tower was extremely nice! It spins as you eat and the food was amazing. I had the yellowfin fish ahi, which is a grilled medium rare tuna. For dessert we all split the molten chocolate lava cake which was the best I had ever had. It puts Chili's lava cake to shame! We went back to the hotel suite and played Bridal Bingo. Only a few of us played because the others fell asleep.

We woke up this morning pretty tired, anxious to get home, but sad our fabulous weekend was over! It had been one of the best vacations I had ever been on and I am so glad to share even more wonderful memories with old friends, new friends, and Meg, who I already share a life time worth of memories with! It was great!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Today was a great day. My students completed all of the work that I had written out in my plans for today at school which is nice because that means tomorrow we won't be trying to get caught up from Monday's work. I got all of my papers graded and entered into the grade book from last week. Our field trip for this Friday almost fell through today due to a major mishap but we luckily got a few strings pulled and it's still scheduled.

I just feel that today progressed very smoothly and I myself feel very accomplished for working like a busy bee without any added pressure. I wish all weeks could start off with Mondays like this. I've decided that today is not a Monday but rather a Hoorayonday. It's a combination of Hooray and Monday. Much like Hollywood's naming couples; Brangelina, Speidi, etc.

More things to look forward to this evening: The day went great and fast and now it's relaxation time with chicken fajitas for dinner and a new episode of the Hills. Hoorayonday!

Yesterday afternoon I invented a new type of cookie. I call them Sugary Goodness Cookies. I had some left over Valentine chocolate candies that desperately wanted to be unwrapped so I bought some sugar cookie dough and wrapped the dough around a chocolate peanut buttercup candy. They look like ordinary sugar cookies until you bite in the middle and then it's a surprise sugary goodness of chocolate and peanut butter! I'm going to go buy some chocolate frosting and frost them because sugar cookies look too plain and boring. The frosting will give them more appeal. I told my co-workers about it and they are insisting that I bring some of my Sugary Goodness Cookies tomorrow. If I could quit teaching I might be a baker...or work from home. I can't decide.

I have been told that I am a "kid at heart" and I agree with this. However, I am also a self-proclaimed "cartoon at heart." Sometimes I wish we all lived in a cartoon world where we wore the same outfit everyday. Our appearances never changed. We worked jobs to define who we are and not to make money. Our neighborhoods and homes would all be little cartoons. This would be the life for me. Maybe this is why I am marrying a Simpson. Adriene Simpson. Hmm...I think I'm turning yellow right NOW!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

17 thank you

The new Zac Efron movie, 17 Again, came out yesterday and I was able to somehow drag Bryan to go see it with me and Kylie who was able to drag Chris too. The theater was crowded and seating was limited (very few if any men besides Chris and Bryan), but we were able to find two seats with two seats behind us. So, Kylie and I sat together because we were both excited about watching the movie and Chris and Bryan sat behind us.

The movie is about a guy (Matthew Perry) who wishes he could go back and relive his high school teenaged life. He gets his wish by the school janitor who plays the symbol of an angel/ghost of your past who also happened to look like Santa Claus. The guy gets his wish and turns back into his 17 year old body in present time (Zac Efron). Needless to say, the movie was predictable, corny, but still cute and funny at certain times.

Kylie leaned in and said she didn't think she could ever go back to being in high school and I agreed with her entirely. I was an obnoxious and immature 17 year old but I also played by the rules; I always wanted to please my teachers and my parents. Now, I did have a happy high school life. I wasn't miserable or annoyed with high school or anything, but I did have way more fun in college.

So, if I had to choose a time to go back and relive all over again I would be 19-22 again, not 17. *Please see previous March blog entitled Abilene Makes Me Miss College.

During the movie last night I periodically looked behind me to see how Chris and Bryan were enjoying the movie and based on their expressions and demeanor, the were not enjoying it. At one cheesy scene I actually heard Bryan say, "Oh my gosh this is gay." So, with that in mind, I wouldn't recommend taking your significant other to see this movie. It is more appropriate for 13+ girls.

By the way, the warmer this Texas weather gets the more desperate I become for summer to be here. I am dreading May because there will be almost no more curriculum left to teach which means more bored students prone to acting out. Also, the last week of school we have to pack up our portables and prepare to move into our new classrooms in the main building. It will all be worth it, it's just one obstacle I have to jump in order to have my precious summer vacation! Oh, dear summer, please hurry!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lubbock got a Storm Spanking

The southeast side of Lubbock received a heavy beating today with strong rain, hail, and funnel clouds that thankfully never touched the ground. We were in a Tornado Warning for about 30-45 minutes.

I left work at 4 and went to the grocery store and made it home just in time before it started raining. I was watching the weather channel and thinking how lucky I was that I didn't get stuck in the rain because by then it started picking up. Before I knew it the rain was coming down harder with pea-sized hail. I kinda started freaking out. The news said that wall clouds were spotted on southeast Lubbock (this is where I live). The rotation of the clouds were rotating at a very fast speed and the meteorologist instructed viewers to take shelter.

I got on my knees in my hallway clutching my cell phone to text Bryan occasionally and keep him updated on my side's condition (he was in the southwest part of Lubbock). I was pretty scared but trying to stay calm because there was really nothing I could do. The rain was hitting my windows so hard I was afraid they would break. I was also picturing all the damage that my car could possibly receive from the hail (it was quarter-sized by then).

When the storm finally slowed down and stopped I looked out my window to thankfully see that my car was fine. There were no broken windows or visible hail damage. The storm passed over me and headed up to the northeast side of Lubbock. I heard that a person became trapped in their car on 19th street and Buddy Holly Ave because rain water started coming in. That should tell you just how flooded it got.

I called my parents to inform them of my safety. I was certain they would be worried and concerned and pacing the floors waiting on my call, but to my surprise they weren't. In fact, they laughed at me instead. Maybe I was a bit over-dramatic.

A tornado did touch ground in Ralls, TX. I wonder if my parents would be worried if I was in Ralls during the tornado? I'd like to think so. Hmm.

Well, here is something that might put a smile on your face. I have a student in my class who is literally a 9 year old Dwight Shrute from the Office. Here are some examples of his "Dwight-ness":
1) I had complained that something smelled funny in our classroom one time and he said that it was the paint fumes from the walls that were probably melting.

2) He was the door holder for the week and as he was holding the door for the students he touched the wooden door and said "is this Oak?" He then sniffed the door (the wood is fake).

3) Anytime there is a computer/printer/overhead problem he is the first to declare that he can fix it.

4) When he finishes his work and turns it in he'll read his library book while others are still working, but I catch him spying on me instead of actually reading.

5) When we were doing an art activity that involved a lot of gluing, I told the students to let it dry before turning it in. He started blowing profusely on his work to help it dry faster, but ended up choking on his spit.

By the way, I just learned that I am lucky. According to the news following the updates from the storm, many cars and homes in my area had shattered windows and even roofs blown off!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A New Milestone

Well, friends and fellow bloggers, I have stepped onto the birth control milestone and took my first pill approximately 30 minutes ago.

I had to text Kylie to get the moral support first and when she gave me the "ok" I said "OKAY!" I popped the pill in my mouth and did not look back (not that there was anything to look back on).

I obviously don't physically fill any different, but mentally I feel like a new woman. No, not really. But I am glad that I finally got that first pill over with. Now, I have to take the pill every night at 9ish.

Hopefully there will be no side effects.

Also, Zac Efron (my celeb crush because he looks like Bryan) was the host of SNL this past Saturday night. I had already set it up to record on my DVR and after watching it I really felt embarassed and uncomfortable for ZE. I think he's a lovely actor and also just really lovely, but man, SNL is NOT funny. Poor Zac. Those skits they had him do were just silly. I don't know if it's the main actors or the writers but Saturday Night Live has taken a beating since the Chris Farley, Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler days. It's just not entertaining or even good.

On another note, one of my best friends and bridesmaid called me yesterday to give me some very good news: Rachel Stewart is prego! She's expected to deliver a Baby Stew in mid November! Please keep her, the babe, and this pregnancy in your prayers. She has already heard the heartbeat and seen the baby in a sonogram! How cute!

Here is a wedding planning update: I met with my baker, Vida King to taste and choose a cake. Vida is originally from Africa. She escaped to the U.S. with the help of missionaries because her husband was physically abusive and violent. She began baking and cooking and eventually opened up her own bakery called Sweet Temptations. Vida has the best reputation in the Lubbock area for her miraculous and exquisite cakes. She has been known to spend time in prayer over each cake and the soon-to-wed couple. Every caterer recommends her too. I am so thrilled to know that my baker is not only the best at what she does but is also praying for me and Bryan. Talk about a "double-whammie!"

I chose a design and a flavor. I don't really know how to explain the design of the cake, but the flavor is going to be white cake with butter cream frosting and raspberry filling! I can still taste it from this afternoon! Hallelujah! Next on my list; registering!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I Can Face Tomorrow

Here is a recap of my Easter weekend:

Bryan and I rode to the Dallas area with Chris and Kylie on Friday. They went to a birthday party of one of Kylie's friends in McKinney and we went to Bryan's cousin's baby's 1st birthday party in Forney.

The baby is Abigail and she is going to be the flowerbaby in our wedding. For a first year birthday party, Abigail had it made. Her daddy, Justin cooked beef and chicken fajitas that were incredibly wonderful. He even made homemade guacamole and salsa and the best beans I have ever eaten. Besides the food, Catherine (Bryan's cousin) and Justin also rented a bouncy house for all the kids to play in (including Bryan). Bryan and I hid easter eggs for all the kids and then we had cake and ice cream and watched Abigail open her presents (with extra assistance from Catherine).

We headed back to Lubbock after the party on Saturday with Chris and Kylie. I was extremely exhausted and did take a little cat nap after we stopped at Rosa's in Abilene. I slept until we got to Sweetwater. Then we played the radio game, guys vs. girls. The rules to the game are to scan through radio stations and guess the name of the artist of the song playing. I'm convinced that Kylie and I won, but we all did a horrible job at keeping score!

This morning Abby, Bryan and I drove to Levelland to celebrate Easter Sunday with my parents and grandparents at church and then for Easter lunch. At the end of the church service we sang the song "Because He Lives." The chorus is sung like this: because He lives I can face tomorrow. Because He lives all fear is gone. It's been a little uncomfortable at work lately because some of my coworkers do not like me. I understand that it really doesn't have anything to do with me personally because I have never been anything but friendly to them, but it still hurts my feelings. Anyhow, this song reminded me that I can face tomorrow because Jesus lives and He lives within me, and that gives me comofort to go to work each day and face all future "tomorrows."

After church we went back to my parents house and had chicken and rice with fruit salad, salad, homemade biscuits, steamed broccoli, deviled eggs, and pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream. My mom goes all out for Easter lunch! It was great!

God has given west Texas some very much needed rain today. I always think of Easter Sunday as being sunny and spring-like, but rainy days go very well with some decaf coffee and a little blogging.

So, Happy Easter to all of you fellow bloggers! I hope that it's as blessed as the blessing given to us!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birth Control Methods are Over My Head!

I visited the gyno for the very first time not too long ago. The experience alone was surprisingly better than what I had expected or been told. It did not take long and although it was very uncomfortable and awkward the doctor walked me through everything. My purpose in seeing the "lady doctor" was mostly to have a mystery lump in my right breast examined (it was nothing) and also to discuss birth control options since I am getting married in 8 months.

My doctor immediately started talking to me about different types of birth control and how it works as she was in the middle of giving me a breast exam. I was so flustered and nervous that everything she said went in one ear and right out the other. I was too embarassed to ask questions and of course to say "umm, can you maybe repeat all that as soon as I have my clothes on again?" So instead, I have relied on the advice and help from my married friends. Unfortunately, all of them are on different methods; Yasmin, the Ring, IUD, planned parenting, and all of my friends have said the same thing; "the pill reacts differntly for everybody."

My doctor has given me samples of Loestrin 24 FE and Yaz. I haven't taken a single pill yet. I've read the directions and every Sunday I say to myself, "today I am going to take my first pill," and then of course I chicken out and decide I'll wait until next Sunday.

Both pills are low in estrogen, but the YAZ has a different type of progestin horomone in it that helps with PMDD. So, I've decided to try YAZ first. I've also set a starting date: April 26th. That's the day I intend to take my first birth control pill. I've counted up the days and starting on that day will mean my period will not fall on the week of my wedding or honeymoon. My doctor said to start taking it before the summer so that we can make sure that it is the right pill for me.

Has anyone used this pill before or know anyone that has?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Honor is another word for Value

Last night Kylie gave me a book to borrow called Before Planning Your Wedding, Plan Your Marriage. It's written by Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley, a couple who have been married for 15 years now and have done their fair share of premarital and marital counseling with couples.

I delved into chapter 1 when I got home from work today and already took some important pointers from what I had read, but one thing that stood out to me the most from this chapter was what Dr. Greg and Erin call safety.

The truest form of emotional intimacy comes from feeling safe with your fiance. With safety, couples bring down the guards and make their true selves and feeling apparents to their soon-to-be spouse. But the way to achieve this intimacy that comes from the safety is to honor your mate.

Honor is another word for value, as Dr. Greg and Erin say. When I read that I started thinking about possessions that I value the most. I'm very proud of my furniture. It was my first big investment when I first became a teacher. I bought a couch, a queen-sized bed and mattress set. I also value my collection of children's books. Most of them are my absolute favorites and some are classics. I want to keep them in perfect condition that I will only let 3-4 students at a time into my classroom library so I can monitor the treatment of my books. Of course my newest possession that is definatly valued above all the others is my diamond ring!

Although these important things are valued greatly, they are still just "things" that do not provide any emotional intimacy for me. That is why Dr. Greg and Erin encourage couples to see eachother as valued possessions. When you choose to view and treat someone as a valued possession, the level of safety within the relationship increases and therefore so does the emotional intimacy.

This book has really opened my eyes about how marriage is supposed to be and I'm only in the first chapter. I'm excited about the other things that I am going to learn through this book. I want to be a good wife to Bryan not only for the sake of his feelings or for a healthy marriage, but because God commands the wife to honor thy husband!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Self-Proclaimed Reality TV Junkie

Tonight my favorite reality tv show comes back on for its 5th season; The Hills. I love the drama, the petty girl arguements, the boy issues, and the overall concept of being that rich yet still very pathetic. It's entartaining.

I'm not a fan of Lauren Conrad (LC). Regardless of how she may be in everyday life, the show personophies her personality of being possessive, controlling, selfish, and unable to ever be wrong. She also always plays the role of being a victim.

Audrina, is the quiet, goes with the flow character who is never satisfied with her relationship to Justin Bobby but doesn't have the guts to get out.

Heidi comes off as being very irresponsible both in her job and life in general, but her estranged friendship to LC makes this show all the more dramatic.

Spencer is the coniving boyfriend to Heidi who clashes with LC mainly because the two are exactly alike. He also stirs up the drama.

Brody is LC's on again off again boyfriend/friend/mentor. He is also very fond of the ladies which usually makes LC mad. Again; drama.

Now, I am fully aware that this show is 9 times out of 10 staged and has become more and more pathetic with each new season, but I have been a devoted watcher every Monday night since season 1. This is supposedly the last season airing, therefore, I need to finish what I've started.

I am a self-proclaimed reality tv junkie. I am certain that reality tv is not always "reality', but the drama entertains me completely.

I am also convinced that Joel McHale, host of E! Entertainment's weekly television show, The Soup, has the greatest job ever. All he does is watch tv and then pokes fun of it on his show. I have decided that if I could get paid to watch tv and then write up funny comments about it I would do it in a heartbeat. I think I would dog Lauren Conrad the most. Her pride is just a little too high for me to stand!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Etiquette Advice Giving

Another Friday, and something else is now grinding my gears. Last Friday it was the angry parent who, in a nut shell, literally got upset with me because I got on to her child for not completing class work (and for the record, the child simply did not even attempt to mark on her paper not even her name).

Today is a new annoyance, but thankfully it isn't effecting me too personally yet it did get me thinking. Maybe it got me thinking too much because on my way home from reading my celebrity gossip magazines at Barnes and Noble tonight I was frustrated.

I am a firm believer in boundaries within relationships (rather romantic or friendly). One boundary that is important to me is receiving advice. I seek advice from only people who: I trust, love, who love me, and who I have a close relationship with. Anyone outside that box who over steps the "advice giving boundary" has crossed a line (with me at least).

Well, today I heard a person inform another person that their inspection sticker was expired on their car. Then this person proceeded to say that they "better go get that taken cared of". Now, I am only using this as an example. The two people in this scenario may feel comfortable enough for one of them to tell the other what they "should do." But it brought flashbacks to me for some reason of people who I considered to not necessarily be an acquaintance but not really a friend yet they felt compelled to give me advice on something or told me what I needed to do anyway.

This annoyed me greatly and it may be because I can be ultra sensitive to being told what to do by others. However, if I do not ask for the advice but yet it's being given or if a person who is giving me advice is outside my box then I become offended. I also think that my sensitivity to this issue is driven by the fact that I am a young woman and the people who I work with are older, married, have kids, or more work experience than I and therefore they subconsciously feel the need to "direct" me.

Here's my rule: There are people in my life who have every right to tell me or advise me in some way at any time in my life. Those people are: my close friends, my parents, my siblings, my higher authorities (mentor, boss, etc.) and anyone else who like I said before; I can trust, love, who love me, and who I have a close relationship with. Anyone else should only give advice when it is asked for. It's proper etiquette. I don't think it only applies to me but to others as well.

Now, maybe I'm just being a baby about all of it, but I still feel very strong in the fact that I only want advice from people who I have relationships with, not the "more than acquaintance but not quite a friend" people (unless I ask).

Does anyone else feel this way too? Maybe we could start a support group. :)

Okay, my whining spill is done...I'm off the soap box...and I read in the magazines tonight that Britney desperately wants K-Fed back. Hmm...