Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Uninteresting Things

It's been awhile since my last blog but there hasn't been just a whole lot of interesting things going on that could turn into a fascinating story. I compare my blogging to Abby's, who is an excellent writer. I feel very inadequate so that may be the real reason why I boycotted blogging these past few weeks. But I've come to terms with the fact that Abby is a natural writer and her blogs are always up to par with interest, intellect, and perfect grammar. She's awesome!

Bryan and I took our engagement pictures last Thursday in the depot district of downtown Lubbock. I'm really looking forward to seeing the proofs! My photographer is Cris J. Duncan. He is hilarious and very professional with his work. He made the hour long session really fun for both of us. Awesome Abby came to help me get dressed in the three different outfits I brought. She also helped out Cris by holding certain lighting props. The pictures will be very urban and contemporary. We were in a run down alley for one location and as we were posing a homeless man walked by. Abby was highly fascinated but very concerned.

My new laptop finally arrived on Saturday morning at my parents house in Levelland. It's a pink Dell Inspirion 1545 with 3gb of memory and a 250gb hardrive. Basically a good laptop to upload lots and lots of pictures and still have plenty of memory to run fast. That's the whole basis of my new computer. I know it came with a lot of other really cool gadgets and games but I it will mostly be used to upload my millions of pictures and surf the internet on a regular basis.

On Wednesday Abby leaves for London for a week long vacation. She is staying at Josh Montgomery's flat. He works in London and has been for a year and a half. Amy Montgomery is there visiting also and so Abby and Amy will get to tour the streets of Europe during the day while Josh is at work. I'm really sad that she's leaving, but I'm also excited for her because this will be a teriffic trip and she has always wanted to go to London. I know it comes off weird but a week without her feels like a month. I've already cried about it. Abby is my best friend and the person I am the closest to. We have a 26 year old bond that no one can ever relate to or fully understand. We don't do well when we're apart from each other. If I go a day without seeing her I feel very empty inside like something is missing. To makes things worse...Bryan moves to Houston for his monthly internship on July 5th and Abby won't be back until the 8th. Good thing I have my parents!

Well, this is all the updating I can do for now. Maybe something really cool will happen so that I can actually write an interesting blog. Until then...take care, friends!!

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Amanda said...

awww... so many changes at one time!! Thank goodness for Skype!!