Saturday, July 18, 2009

16 and Pregnant

Last night at Abby's apartment we watched an episode of 16 and Pregnant. There really wan't anything else on and since Abby doesn't have a dvr to scroll through a tv guide, we couldn't tell if there was anything else that would have been more appealing. I'm sure there was, however, Abby asked if I had seen this episode. I had not. She said she watched it the night before and it made her cry. I had seen the commercials advertising this show. It was the season 1 finale of a 16 year old couple who were pregnant and made the decision to give the baby up for adoption.

While watching the show I kept thinking to myself how mad I would be at this couple if they decided to keep the baby in the end when they had already worked it out with a perfectly fit husband and wife that could not have children to allow them to adopt their baby. I noticed that this 16 year old couple had to be mature beyond their years to make the decision to selflessly give their child a much better life than what they knew they could offer. The pregnant girl's mother was completely against the adoption idea. She wanted her daughter to keep the child and raise her. The daughter was hurt that her mother was unsupportive of her decision. Instead she had to lean on her boyfriend and the boyfriend's mother who all agreed that this baby would be far better off with a family that had the capability of providing for her in the best possible way.

In the end the 16 year old couple does follow through and gives the baby up to the married husband and wife. There didn't seem to be any second guessing on the 16 year olds after the baby was born. They at first decided they would not even see the baby but they did hold the newborn for awhile. They both cried as they held her but they also reminded each other what a wonderful life she was going to have with a family that had everything it took to care for a baby.

After they said their goodbyes and the proud new adoptive parents drove off with the baby the 16 year olds went on with their teenaged lives. Studying for tests and spending time with friends. They remained together and even said when they were older they would like to get married and have children together...again. This couple came across as though they were the best of friends. As unlikely as it is for highschool couples to get married I couldn't help but hope that it does work out for them. They seemed to bring the best out in each other. Like I said earlier, they were mature for their age.

I hope they will be blessed for the rest of their lives because they gave their baby a chance to have a normal life in a household with a mother and father that were of age and had the finances to support this child. I could tell that it was the hardest thing for these teenagers to do but in the end they both exclaimed with happy smiles how they felt so much peace about their decision. Unlike the other teenaged parents on this show who kept their babies, this unique couple will get to experience their highschool life they way they should and maybe be in inspiration to other teenagers who are expecting.

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