Friday, July 17, 2009

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I admit that I have slacked tremendously on blogging. The truth is I just can't think of anything interesting that would be worth reading. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself, but I live a boring life. Since it's summer and school is out, I wake up to no alarm and usually around 9 or 10. I roll out of bed, make coffee, eat a bowl of chocolate malt o' meal, and read my current library book until lunch time. After lunch I usually meet up with Abby to do something that we planned the day before. Today we are going to Dillard's so that I can get a makeover and buy some makeup for my wedding day.

Tuesday was my birthday so I'm using my birthday money to buy new makeup. Good makeup. On Sunday my wedding will be exactly 5 months away. I've been engaged already for 5 months and I'm getting married in another 5. These past few 5 months have flown by which means it will be here before I know it! It's exciteing to think about. I'm definately ready, but at the same time I want to enjoy and soak up this time of my engagement. All the planning and preparing is so much fun and I want to make the best of it.

One of my bridesmaids, Rachel, who is pregnant and due weeks before my wedding, called to tell me that she didn't feel like she would be able to be a bridesmaid anymore. She was very upset and disappointed and since she lives in Dallas and will be breastfeeding a new born, she's not even sure she will be able to make it. I was disappointed too. Rachel is one of my very best friends. She has always been a spiritual encourager and guider to me. She was there at the very beginning of mine and Bryan's relationship. I couldn't imagine her not standing up there beside me. But the most important thing is the care and well-being for her and her baby. I told her that I completely understood and not to worry because she will forever be a bridesmaid in my heart rather she's there or not. I told her that she needed to do what was best for her and her baby!

Other than wedding planning, I'm moving into my new classroom on Sunday. I'm half excited and half dreading it. I want it to be perfect and I am thrilled to no longer be in a portable but putting together an elementary classroom is a huge pain. Since Bryan is in Houston doing an internship with the Rockets til August, I have to rely on the help of myself and Abby to get it together. All of my stuff is packed away too, so part of the time will be unpacking and figuring out where to put stuff, then we will actually get down to work and start organizing and decorating.

Well, I'm done blogging for today. Maybe tomorrow I will have something more interesting to write about. I am going to a wedding that is going to be big and nice!

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